Fitness Camp

I was surprised and delighted that they took such an interest when I brought salad for lunch. They were daring me to eat it, but after I showed them that it was not only edible, but good for body and mind, they were inclined to try bell peppers, bok choy, callaloo, and chicken. I'm sure they will acquire a taste for feeling good. πŸ˜‰

Our friends at Trainfit Club JA blessed us with an afternoon of fitness training for the kids! Their training exposed our kids to light parkour for their coordination and stamina, boxing for their strength, and discussed proper diet for their overall heart health! 

We followed along as the kids did circuit training including hopscotch, skipping, boxing, and sprints! Each station taught a new ability and focused on different areas of fitness. 

   We talked about what makes up a healthy diet, and why. Things like eating fruits and veggies to help with  cholesterol levels. The benefits of water over soda and the risks of drinking too much pop. Why salty and deep fried food every day can impact your mind and body.


47 Beechwood Ave


Kingston 6, Jamaica


Tel: 876-929-8873​

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